A collection of interactive musical landscapes for PC & Mac, presented by Polytron, Finji and Indie Fund.

a collection of places
that morph to your touch
PANORAMICAL is a new kind of videogame about discovering beautiful moments.

Explore incredible digital landscapes that change to your command in an immersive musical adventure through space and time.

15 unique interactive landscapes, each with their own visual style and dynamic music, a new experience in every play

Unique controls: every change creates a new audiovisual result

Dynamic interactive soundtrack by the award-winning musician behind Proteus

Bonus environments produced by renowned guest artists

Capture and share your favourite moments from inside the game

Manipulate controls to morph the visuals and sounds in front of you, exploring all the combinations.
Explore sights and sounds to find beautiful moments at your own pace.

as a digital download for Windows and Mac

Showcased in 40+ museums and festivals around the world

Nominated for
Best Audio, Best Visual
Design, Nuovo Award

Independent Games Festival 2016
Best Audio
AzPLAY, Bilbao, Spain
San Francisco
EMP Museum
Los Angeles

featuring bonus content by international collaborators:


Samurai Gunn

Mr Div

Mr Div


Pixeljunk Eden,
Pixeljunk 4am

George Buckenham

Punch the Custard,

Jukio Kallio

Nuclear Throne

"Panoramical will change the way you conceive of sound"

- Leigh Alexander,

"a mental and perhaps spiritual journey through realms of sound and light"

- Mike Fahey,

"You don't simply play this game--you orchestrate an audiovisual performance"

- Kris Graft,


Also available


an exclusive edition for DJs, VJs and audiovisual performers.

  • Use PANORAMICAL in your own performances.
  • Feed, mash and repurpose its visuals with Syphon-enabled video-routing support.
  • Control PANORAMICAL's 18-dimensional spaces using your own OSC interfaces.
  • Let PANORAMICAL find beautiful worlds by itself while you perform.
  • Get Direct Support from its developers and all future updates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special controller to play PANORAMICAL?

No, you can play with a standard Keyboard and Mouse setup or use any games controller.
Optionally, you can use a MIDI-enabled device like a sound mixer board to play with analog controls.

Will PANORAMICAL run on my computer?

Any computer from the last 8 years should run PANORAMICAL. A gaming-capable computer is recommended for smoother gameplay.

Minimum Requirements

PC OS: Windows XP SP 2+
Mac OS: OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion or later
Processor: 1 GHz CPU
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: Built-in graphics like Intel HD Graphics 4000
Hard Drive: 750 MB HD Space

Recommended Requirements

PC OS: Windows 7 or later
Mac OS: OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion or later
Processor: 2 GHz CPU
Memory: 2GB RAM
Graphics: a gaming-capable graphics card
Hard Drive: 750 MB HD Space

Will my MIDI controller work with PANORAMICAL?

You can play with any MIDI device that has analog controls (like faders or knobs). Make sure to check the minimum system requirements.
PANORAMICAL uses 18 analog inputs, but you can use less controls if your device doesn't have as many.

Can I request a press copy for review?

Yes! You can request a copy here or check out our Press Kit.

I have an issue with the game, where can I find technical support?

Please contact us.

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